The Retirement Group must work with your company’s benefits administrator should you choose to become a client. One of the major administrators we have worked with is Fidelity and Netbenefits or Hewitt Resources. Although The Retirement Group is not affiliated nor endorsed by Fidelity or Netbenefits or Hewitt Resources we are specialists in navigating the Netbenefits site and have assisted our clients in accessing their benefits information.

Benefits Resource TM (YBR) is a website provided by Aon Hewitt for investors to complete benefits transactions and other information to aid with decision – making. YBR enables participants to make better retirement decisions and features a wide range of tools, information, and services; services like retirement planning, 401(k) savings account review, and pension account review.

Hewitt Resources’s services are incredibly user-friendly. The key section of the Hewitt Resources (YBR) site is the Benefits Center. Benefits Center shows the different company benefits like their 401(k) plan, health benefits, and pension information. 401(k) is where an investor can view their account summary, including their current balance and year-to-date rate of return, as well as their account activity.

Hewitt Resources YBR has an effective layout, which lets the user view their account(s) and initiate changes to their account(s). Graphs, videos and simple layouts make the site easy to read and follow. Rates of return, performance summaries, and online statements can be easily checked. Investors can make adjustments to paycheck deductions and change how future contributions are invested.

The Hewitt Resources website offers many tools to plan for retirement. For example, Online Quick Enrollment allows employees to quickly and easily enroll in their company’s 401(k) plan by providing a “just-the-basics” approach to direct contribution enrollment. It offers information regarding initial contribution rates and investment elections.

The Benefits Resource and are seperate entities not affiliated with The Retirement Group or FSC Securities Corporation.